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Cartoon Network Celebrates 20th Anniversary At Jett Gallery

Cartoon Network has decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary with an exhibition at Jett Gallery during San Diego Comic Con 2012. Paint brush pushers such as John Hendrix, Jack Teagle and Brecht Vandenbroucke will be showing their love for the animated side of life with bright, colorful works starring cartoon stars of the small screen. If you’re [...]


(vimeo link) If you can suffer from “tiny button syndrome” as I do, you might be able to relate to this short and silly animation by Rikke Asbjoern, who made it for the Cartoon Network. -via Everlasting Blort

Super Best Friends Forever Are Super Cute

(YouTube Link) These animated cuties are part of the DC Nation animation block on Cartoon Network, and by the look of them they should be hanging out with the Powerpuff Girls, busting heads and batting their lashes. The DC Nation block airs Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network, check it out and get your weekly animated superfolks [...]

Baby Superman Is One Tough Toddler

(YouTube Link) Cartoon Network’s DC Nation animation block is bringing comic book superfolks back to the small screen, and shows like Young Justice and the new Green Lantern series have a unique art style and plenty of action to satisfy even the most discriminating cartoon critic. This adorable teaser for the DC Nation is just long enough [...]

Adventure Time’s Finn All Grown Up

Who would have guessed that Finn, from the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, would grow up to be such a badass? Since his arms and legs are like noodles on the show, I’m thinking he went through a gym rat phase as he grew up. Now he looks like he can kick some serious tail! Link

Oliver Akuin’s Art Is A Cartoon Delight

If you have ever seen Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, then you are already familiar with Oliver’s surreal and quirky cartoon style. If you love cartoons but have never seen Adventure Time then you’re missing out on a great show! Oliver tackles pop culture icons from cartoons, video games, and the movies and brings his [...]