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Zombified Video Game Characters

This fun series of illustrations by Swedish artist Go-MaxPower shows what classic video game and cartoon characters might look like as shambling undead. Of particularly hilarious note are the image of Ray Man eating himself, and an armless Street Fighter Ryu still trying to kick some tail. Link  –via DesignTAXI

When 80’s Cartoon Characters Star In An Urban Outfitters Catalog

Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo thought it would be fun to show what 80s cartoon characters looked like when dressed up in fancy retro clothes. Is it just me or do the hipsterific outfits and pouty faces of the models make most of the pictures look like pages from an Urban Outfitters catalog set in a [...]

Psychedelic Interpretations Of Cartoon Characters

These freaky paintings look like what you’ll see if you watch cartoons while on acid. Created by Tina Lugo, they have a pop art flavor coupled with psychedelic melting madness, and yet the cartoon characters that star in these paintings are still recognizable. Tina creates these bizarre pieces by painting enamel on sheets of Plexiglass, which enhances [...]

Eyes of Famous Cartoon Characters

Designer Yoni Alter made this adorable print featuring the eyes of a variety of famous cartoon characters? Can you name them all? If not, don’t worry, she also released a cheat sheet for the poster. Link Via BoingBoing

The Cartoon Character Color Wheel

After considering the new Smurfs movie, the folks at Slate compiled an interactive color wheel to show the spectrum of colors by which we know our favorite cartoon characters. At the site, you can mouseover to enlarge and identify each character. Link -via Buzzfeed

Twisted Takes on Classic Cartoon Characters

Though most cartoons have never taken themselves too seriously — consider last week’s jaw-dropping Simpsons intro, directed by Banksy — classic children’s cartoon characters still seem to be hallowed ground. Which is exactly, I suspect, why CollegeHumor hired some very talented animators to parody them. First, I give you ConquistaDora the Explorer. “Which disease-infected blanket should [...]

A Peek Into Pixar Studios

I’ve always thought there was something magical about the Pixar Studio’s compound located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but getting to see these cool pictures of the inside just confirmed my wildest fantasies about how awesome it is. Imagine working at a place loaded with giant cartoon characters, free food, pool tables, video games [...]