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CG Animated Short – The Butterfly Effect

(Vimeo Link) There’s good looking CG animation and then there’s The Butterfly Effect, a short that is so gorgeous I want to tell the creators Dan Sumich and Passion Pictures to reel it in a bit, because they’re making everybody else look bad! It’s about a guy having a particularly bad day, let’s just leave it at [...]

Awesome CG Animated Short – A Fox Tale

(Vimeo Link) This beautiful animated short is called A Fox Tale, and it was created by four students from the French animation school Supinfocom Arles. The story is loosely based on Asian mythology, and features vibrant colors, gorgeous visual effects and charming character designs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this short become a feature length film some [...]

Kid President Grills Pendleton Ward

(YouTube Link) Kid President asks Pendleton Ward, creator of the animated series Adventure Time, some tough questions about his beard, childhood and friendship. This video made me wish we could have a kid in the white house for a day just so they can make lots of prank phone calls and hilarious speeches! –via Cartoon Brew

Animated Short – Bhavri

(Vimeo Link) This cute little animated short is called Bhavri, and it was lovingly created by animation student Sonia Tiwari. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and colorful tale of life and death, and I love the combination of flash 2d and 3d animation. –via Cartoon Brew


(vimeo link) You know about Otzi the Iceman, a naturally preserved mummy found frozen in the Alps. Now the full story of Otzi comes out, thanks to this animated video from Evan Red Borja. Read more about the idea behind the film at Cartoon Brew. Link -via Geekosystem

Animated Short – FABLE

(Vimeo Link) This beautiful and artsy animated short is called Fable, and it was created by artist and animation teacher Daniel Sousa. Daniel brings the strange to the natural world, with wondrous results. Fable is full of suspenseful moments, dark realism and a painterly look that makes it oh so nice to watch. –via Cartoon Brew

Preview Of Animated Series “Gravity Falls”

(YouTube Link) Gravity Falls is a new animated TV show, created by Alan Hirsch, that will air on the Disney Channel starting June 29th. This surprisingly fun, and beautifully animated, show is about two kids from the big city sent to spend the summer with their uncle in a strange Oregon town called Gravity Falls, where things [...]

Classic Cartoon Character Twitter Art

Are you a Tweetaholic looking for a fun way to show your love for classic cartoons? Then take note of these works of Twitter Art by Gregory Wadsworth, an illustrator with an eye for adding character to 140 word tweets. They’re sure to make most people on Twitter go “who’s that?” Link  –via Cartoon Brew

The Cheapest Madagascar Rip Off Ever Made

(YouTube Link) Everyone knows that the animation industry is full of rip off artists and people trying to capitalize on the success of films made by other studios, but this cheap imitation of the hit film franchise Madagascar is just plain rotten. Kids will know better than to think that this stinker comes anywhere near comparing to [...]

Rarely Seen Disney Short – Redux Riding Hood

(YouTube Link) This rarely seen short was directed by Steve Moore, and he’s been trying to get it out of the Disney vaults for the last 15 years so he can show his work to the world. Redux Riding Hood was nominated for an academy award in 1997, and there’s still no clear reason given why [...]