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Gas Powered Everything

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Gas Powered Everything Granted, this is the ad for Nissan (no, we’re not getting paid for it’s inclusion) – but we thought, it was wonderfully, creatively made and inspired by neat steampunk (gaspunk?) sensibilities, worthy of good look on DRB: Link For a look at Nuclear Powered Everything, see our recent article! Today’s [...]

You Could Fit a Skyscraper inside the World’s Largest Cave

Hang Ken, a cave rediscovered in Vietnam last year, may be the largest in the world: Surrounded by jungle and used in the Vietnam war as a hideout from American bombardments, it is so large that it could hold a block of 40-storey skyscrapers. Its entrance was only rediscovered last year. The photograph was taken by a [...]

The World’s Biggest Cave

See that little bitty guy in the center, which the light shining from his helmet? Yeah, it’s hard to see one man in a cave chamber that big -but we have a bigger version of the picture to help you out. National Geographic is covering an expedition to Vietnam last year that unearthed what may [...]

The Deadly and Beautiful Crystal Cave

Photo: Carsten Peter, Speleoresearch & Films A geological wonder of immense proportions and intense beauty can be found in the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico… 1000+ feet below the surface. Mentioned on Neatorama before for the photographic wowness, the Cueva de los Cristales - the Giant Crystal Cave – is also one of the most deadly environments [...]

Why Do People Live Near Volcanoes?

Photo by Carsten Peter Perched above the lighted city of Catania, Italy, Mount Etna hurls a fountain of fire skyward as rivers of lava spill down its flanks. In spite of its dazzling displays, Mount Etna is a relatively safe volcano with rare, compact eruptions and slow-flowing lava that gives people a chance to escape. – [...]