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China Turns Old Soviet Aircraft Carrier into a Luxury Hotel

Launched in 1972, the Kiev was once the pride of the Soviet Navy. But in need of cash, Russia and Ukraine sold it and another carrier called the Varyag to China. Although the Varyag is at sea, China has converted the Kiev into a luxury hotel: This is the Kiev, currently anchored in the Chinese port [...]

Volkswagen’s New Mail Van Follows Behind the Mail Carrier

This ain’t your mail carrier’s stodgy mail truck. Volkswagen has teamed up with the German Mail Service to design this sleek electric mail van called the eT! The van’s good look isn’t all that the eT! has going for it: it’s also [...]

23-Foot LEGO Aircraft Carrier

Ed Diment built a LEGO Minifig scale (that’s 1:40) aircraft carrier modeled after the Essex-class carrier USS Intrepid (CV-11). It will be on display at BrickCon this weekend in Seattle. Link | Photo: Ed Diment | Previously: LEGO Aircraft Carrier in Water

Because I Can’t Stop Writing About Birds: The Pigeon Express

While I’d long assumed that carrier pigeons had been shelved with other antiquated mail systems (like the pony express and the pneumatic tube), I was stunned to learn that the birds are still being used today! Of course, the process has gotten an upgrade. Instead of sending letters and wartime messages, the birds are being [...]

Pigeon vs ISP

carrier pigeon painting by Christina Lovering Who’s faster at transferring data: a carrier pigeon or an internet service provider in South Africa? In an experiment arranged by a frustrated IT company, an 11-month-old carrier pigeon named Winston delivered data 25 percent faster than South Africa’s leading internet service provider, named Telkom. Winston, with a data card strapped to [...]