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Knitted Dalek Dog Costume

Messes on the carpet? That’s nothing. Now you have to worry about extermination. Ravelry member Peach Kraft knitted this Dalek costume for her pug to prepare for the invasion. Link -via Craft

Pasta Carpet

The last two days worked at marcia’s studio in Amsterdam on the pasta-carpet. it was always our dream to make a much bigger pasta carpet. so here is pasta carpet Source : We make Carpets

Tapistongs: A Rug with Slippers

You’ll always have a place for your slippers with this rug! The slippers fit right into spaces in the design when you’re not using them, and become part of the carpet itself. The rug is called Tapistongs by French designer Lise El Sayed. It looks as if there are enough slippers for plenty of guests [...]

World Largest Carpet of 500,000 Flower

World Largest Tel Aviv Carpet of 500,000 Flowers The city of Tel Aviv continued its year-long centennial celebration on Wednesday (September 16), with the installation of a sweeping carpet of flowers in the city’s Rabin Square, received as a gift from the city of Brussels. The half-million flowers used to compose the colourful carpet arrived from Belgium [...]