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43 Sesame Street Facts for the 43rd Season

Today Sesame Street kicked off its 43rd season. We’re big fans of the Street, and to prove it, here are some of our favorite Sesame facts from previous stories and our Amazing Fact Generator. Sesame Workshop 1. Oscar the Grouch used to be orange. Jim Henson decided to make him green before season two. 2. How did Oscar [...]

15 Awesome Kickstarter Projects

I love the site Kickstarter, which enables people to raise funds for all kinds of projects, from indie comic books to clothing lines to theater performances. Every time I browse through the projects, I notice just how many of them are the kinds of projects our readers would love–educational yet playful, quirky and scientific, fan [...]

Muppet Letters

Shaun Usher at Letters of Note posted a collection of letters from Muppets. Actually, the letters are from Caroll Spinney (who does Big Bird), Jim Henson, and the Swedish Chef (penned by Henson). Ho Komissionooster Sjolund! Sveern hund der meenskroo skort herg dah smorgasbord bord bord. Gloo das click click ein mein filmikin den Washington fom des Fancy [...]

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

(YouTube link) Sesame Street premiered on November 10th, 1969, which makes it 40 years old today! The above clip is from a promotional show aired to introduce the series two days before the premiere. Sesame Street was originally intended for inner-city children, but became a hit with the preschool set all over the globe. Many people [...]