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A Town of Storybook Houses and How They Came to Be

In 1924, a man named Hugh Comstock took a little trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California to see his sister and her husband. The town was becoming well known as a haven for artists and other creative types, so it’s not surprising that he met a doll maker named Mayotta Browne during his stay there. Miss Browne [...]

Snow White Tattoo

The whole Snow White story — well, the Disney version, anyway — is told in this lovely back tattoo. I’m not completely sure who’s responsible, but it’s been attributed to an artist named Ping who lives in Taiwan. via Caramel, Carmel

Is Meat Grown in a Petri Dish Kosher?

So scientists can now grow meat in a laboratory — that is, animal muscle tissue without starting with an actual, living animal. This has brought up all sorts of interesting ethical questions, particularly among vegetarians. But here’s the angle that Tim Barribeau of io9 took: is artificially-produced meat compliant with Jewish food traditions? We talked to [...]