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Music History #5: “I Don’t Like Mondays”

“I Don’t Like Mondays” Written by Bob Geldof (1979) Originally sung by The Boomtown Rats The Music It may be the catchiest murder ballad of all time. Laced with baroque piano flourishes and a call-and-response style chorus, the song is an earworm that makes you feel a little guilty for singing along. After all, you are echoing [...]

Ready for Some Real Chuck Norris Facts?

To be fair, not everyone likes Chuck Norris, whether it’s because they loathe his political beliefs, his violent action flicks, his purported plagiarism on WorldNetDaily, or because they are just sick and tired of the meme associated with him. But even if you don’t like certain things about Mr. Norris, there’s still plenty to appreciate, [...]

Too Young to Die: Photojournalism at its Best and Grimmest

I’ve really been enjoying myself over on Kickstarter, a social networking site that helps fund and follow independent creative projects. In an era where there might not be government funding for public radio, let alone small-scale photography, film, or literary projects, it’s up to us — the crowd as patron. You can give as little [...]

Bedtime May Save a Teenager

Teenagers need more sleep than other age groups; nine hours is recommended. But many only get seven or even fewer hours of sleep each night. A recent study found that adolescents whose parents set an early bedtime for them had fewer bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts than those whose parents set a later bedtime. [...]