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Not Your Momma’s Cookbooks (Part 3)

For someone who doesn’t like to cook (and who rarely cooks), I sure own a lot of cookbooks; I love seeing all the different foods that can be made. In my ventures through the cookbook aisles, I’ve noticed some with less-than-typical main ingredients, cooking methods, and themes. This weekend, I’m sharing with you a sampling [...]

Amazing Recipe Photography

Food photography, particularly when seen in cookbooks, tends to be so boring. So when Ikea decided to create a cookbook that also served as a coffee table book, they reached out to photographer Carl Kleiner to help make the food images stand out from the other cookbooks of the world. The result, seen in Hembakat [...]

IKEA Cookbook Lists Ingredients the IKEA Way!

Styling Evelina Bratell / Vaniljhorn, Photo: Carl Kleiner Everyone who’s ever had to put together some furniture from IKEA would chuckle at Carl Kleiner’s series of photographs, which are to be used for the upcoming IKEA baking cookbook: Link – via Laughing Squid and Boing Boing