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Cardboard Neon Genesis Evangelion That Actually Transforms

The days of making simple papercraft figures are over, thanks to this Neon Genesis Evangelion themed cardboard figure that actually transforms. It looks a bit rough around the edges, but once you see it transform from robot to vehicle and back again you’ll never think of papercraft the same way again! Link  –via Obvious Wnner

Lampshades Made from Recycled Corrugated Cardboard

Graypants’s lampshades are pretty enough in the daylight. But in the dark, they’re stunning as light peeks through the corrugations in the cardboard. Link -via Dornob

Beware the Kitten in Power

Mecha kitty says his litter needs to be changed now and he’s not kidding. And you’d better cough up the cat nip quick. Reddit user Tastybread made this great cardboard kitty bed for his hardcore kitty fighter. Link Via io9

Cardboard Kitten Tank

Instructables member TigrisLi make a tank for her kitten out of cardboard, and posted the instructions so you can make one, too! Even if you don’t want a kitty-sized cardboard tank, don’t miss the short film she made of her kitten using it to blow the enemy away. Link -via Laughing Squid

Oh, Fisher Price… How We Loved You

I saw the above photo posted on reddit today and was suddenly filled with raging, uncontrollable nostalgia. I could smell the little gas pump and feel deep down in my soul how the nozzle fit into the car. I could hear the *ding* *ding* *ding* of the bell as we cranked the car up the [...]

Incredibly Cool Urban Art Installations

From Pablo Curutchet’s 30′ statues of cardboard men to Banksy’s keeled over and dead phone booths, these 14 cool art installations are both eye-catching and interactive in a way that few museum attractions could ever hope to be. These installations are also fascinating because they can take so long to put together, but will often [...]

Pinhole Hasselblad

Kelly Angood has created this screen-printed cardboard Hasselblad lookalike. It’s a fully functional 35mm pinhole camera. You can make your own from the A4 sized, 8 page PDF available at the artist’s site and when you’re done you can post the images you produce on her blog. Link – Via Notcot

Wald (Forest): Maze of Paperwork by Daniel Hafner

Daniel Hafner used about half a ton of 5-ft tall white cardboard to create this art installation called Wald (Forest), which looks kind of like a maze of paperwork one has to navigate in dealing with modern bureaucracy. Link

Cardboard Sculptures By Chris Gilmour

Cardboard Sculptures By Chris Gilmour Chris Gilmour is an English artist specialising in the creation of life-sized sculptures made of recycled cardboard and glue, using both plain packaging cardboard and recycled packaging material. His works replicate in painstaking detail many objects and machines out of our ordinary lives, ranging from objects from daily life, such as [...]

Pop-Up Cardboard Office

(Video Link) It’s probably not strong enough to support a human user, but Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner’s pop-up cardboard office sure is nifty-looking. The entire structure folds into a portable flat panel. Via Gizmodo | Armin B. Wagner | Liddy Scheffknecht | Previously on Neatorama: Cardboard Office