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Old Card Catalog Cabinets Now Used for Sharing Gifts

A few months ago, a teenager approached the reference desk and asked me where the card catalog was. I was shocked. Oh, I’ve been asked that question before. But never by someone so young! Over the past two decades, many large libraries have disposed of their card catalog cabinets. Due to architectural problems, that was harder [...]

Mini Filing Cabinet Card Holder

Mini Filing Cabinet Card Holder – $19.95 Do you yearn for a better way to organize your business contacts? You need the Mini Filing Cabinet Card Holder from the NeatoShop. This nifty little card holder is shaped like a miniature filing cabinet. It has 3 drawers and is able to hold over 1000 cards. Now get [...]

Tarot Card Plate

Tarot Card Plate – $9.95 (sold individually) Are you looking to add a little magic to your dull and dreary home decor? Fate is in your favor. Observe the beautiful Tarot Card Plates from the NeatoShop. These fascinating glass plates feature tarot card designs with gold leaf accent.     The Tarot Card Plate is available in [...]

Tinkle Cards for School

Castle Vale Performing Arts College is a public high school in Birmingham, England. This year, students will be issued a “tinkle card” once a week to use as a bathroom pass. They have to surrender the card when used, and unused cards are collected on Friday and re-issued on Monday. Pupils were also allegedly told their [...]

Teen Used Bobby Hill Fake ID to Buy Alcohol

Forget buying propane and propane accessories! Undercover sting operations in Nottinghamshire, England, reveal that an identity card featuring the handsome cartoon face of Bobby Hill from the TV show King of the Hill is [...]

Agent P Lanyard

Agent P Lanyard – $5.95 Perry The Platypus is that you! Let Perry help you keep your secret idenity card safe and accessible with the handy dandy Agent P Lanyard from the NeatoShop. This great card / key holder features a laser-cut Agent P dangle.    Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Back [...]

This is the Best-Selling Greeting Card of All-Time

Since 1916, Hallmark has churned out billions of greeting cards, but no single card has had the staying power of the legendary Pansy Card—the king of the racks. Somehow the notoriously bland card was a rock star from the get-go. Back when it debuted for Mother’s Day in 1939, kids plunked down a hard-earned nickel for [...]

How to Memorize a Deck of Cards with Superhuman Speed

In a guest post, two-time USA Memory Champion Ron White tells us how he memorizes a deck of cards. It involves advance preparation in creating a simple yet bizarre mental image for each card placement. It may help you win card games, but it also might be used to create a work of surrealist fiction! [...]

This Pokemon Trading Card Costume Gets A +10 For Cuteness

Don Schwabs has committed an extremely original act of nerdery by wearing this adorable Pokemon trading card game costume to Melbourne’s Supanova Pop Cultcha Expo. If you see Don walking around at a Con near you give him a high five for me, and tell him not to get all bent out of shape if I [...]

Emergency Lockpicks

Afraid of being locked out of the house? Most of us just carry a spare key in our wallets, but not the members of TOOOL (The Open Organization of Lockpickers). No sir, they’ve got this: The [...]