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Amazingly Intricate Tiny Motorcycles Made From Watches

Ever feel like your life just keeps ticking away? Well, maybe it would help if you broke your watch and turned it into a mini motorcycle. Sure, it sounds like a tiny midlife crisis, but if your results are anything like Toronto-based sculptor Dan Tanenbaum’s watch part bikes, then at least you’ve done something more [...]

Woman Charged with Stealing $800 Cash Register. There Was Only a Quarter Inside.

A woman in Gainesville, Florida was arrested for participating in the burglary of a bagel shop. She and another person are accused of breaking in and stealing a cash register. Only twenty-five cents was inside: In Phillips’ version of events, Harrington broke the front door window to get inside the business and then hauled the silver [...]

Man Born without Arms Changes Brake Pads with Just His Feet

(Video Link) Mark Stutzman was born without arms, but that didn’t become him from becoming a highly successful archer, both in competition and deer hunting. He quite properly bills himself as the “Inspirational Archer”, and I started to write this post with that as the central theme. But then I found this video buried in his [...]

World Chocolate Wonderland

If there’s one food that most people in China simply haven’t developed a taste for, that would be chocolate. Given that China represents over a billion potential customers, that simply won’t do, according to the chocolate industry (if there’s such a thing). So, what do they do to promote chocolate? Behold the World Chocolate Wonderland, the [...]

Where’s Waldo? On Google Street View

Nothing can escape the prying eyes of Google Street View, including Waldo from the Where’s Waldo? book series. He was seen at 76 Putney High St, Wandsworth, UK by a Google Street View camera car. Link via Great White Snark

Woman Accused of Trying to Shoplift 418 Items

She was not very subtle about it. At the Lewis Drug Store in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a woman was arrested for hauling 418 items out to her car: Police say an employee of the Lewis store at 10th and Cliff in Sioux Falls noticed her acting suspiciously. She was apparently filling up a bag with items [...]

Retractable Speed Bumps

Mexican firm Decano Industries has developed a speed bump that remains in place when a vehicle that is moving too quickly is about to drive over it, but retracts when a slow-moving vehicle approaches. Christ Hawley writes in USA Today: “With this speed bump, people will feel rewarded for obeying the law,” says Carlos Cano, the [...]