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Sexy Ads Targeting Capuchin Monkeys in the Name of Science

Keith Olwell and Elizabeth Kiehner are both New York-based ad execs who attended a TED Talk in 2008 revealing the economic sense of capuchin monkeys. The pair teamed up with Laurie Santos, the Yale University primatologist who gave the TED talk, to develop an experiment that tests the effects of advertising on monkeys. The solution? Branded [...]

Monkeys invent new "fishing technique"

Capuchin monkeys have come up with their own tool-conserving method to fish for termites. The technique has never been documented before, not even as …

Self-Doubting Monkeys Know What They Don’t Know

Some monkeys have enough self-awareness to realize when they don’t know an answer, and will tell us if we make it worth their time. It appears that uncertainty is not an exclusively human trait. A team of researchers taught macaques how to maneuver a joystick to indicate whether the pixel density on a screen was sparse [...]

Monkeys choose best tools to crack nuts

In a demonstration of human-like behaviour monkeys are very selective about the tools they use. Wild capuchin monkeys were filmed weighing up the corr…