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Life in the Middle Ages

This funny medieval drawing of a knight engaged in battle with an enormous snail inspired Donna D. to look up other strange illuminations that apparently had very little to do with the manuscript they accompanied. Images from the British Library have modern captions attached in a collection at Buzzfeed. Link

Kooky Classroom Posters From The 70s

Straight from 1974, these classroom posters are nicely illustrated yet not captioned, so take a glance through the gallery and see if you can come up with some captions of your own. It’s like story time all over again. Your inner child will thank me later. Link

Classroom Posters from the ’70s

Check out this collection of posters made for classrooms in the 1970s. The captions have been removed, and newer (and funnier) captions attached by Michael Roberts of Denver Westword. The caption for the above image is “I’ll bet I can make big bucks selling those chemicals on the side.” This image has the new caption, “I’d [...]

Confused Grasshopper

What is this grasshopper confused about? Buzzfeed asked its readers for captions. What words would you put in his mouth? Link

Cyborg Lassie

I don’t know what this is. There are captions written in the Cyrillic alphabet. But it’s very clear that this would have been the basis of the greatest Lassie series ever. via Super Punch | Previously: Cat Lassie is Unconcerned with Your Suffering

Caption Contest No. 17 Finalists!

We had a hard time narrowing all your amazing captions down to 10, so… we went with 14 finalists. Remember now, only one vote per person. May the best horse win… View Poll

Succeedblog Focuses on the Positive

Need a pick me up? While the internet is full of negativity and flame wars, Boing Boing has informed us there is still some good around. Taking a tip from the ever popular Failblog, Succeedblog flips the idea around and shares positivity with captions of success. With subjects like papercraft Nikes and bacon guns, the internet’s [...]

Penguin Picnic

Image Credit There are pictures that you come across that just make you stop for a second. I believe the youth of today call it a WTF moment. Well, this one did exactly that to me – and made me wonder what on earth was the cause for this particular photo opportunity. Answers – or captions [...]