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Password Check

Captchas are there so you can prove you are a person instead of a ‘bot. But what if you fail the test? They can be pretty hard! Frank Lesser, who writes for The Colbert Report, expresses his frustration with captchas in a column in the New York Times that you might relate to. Link -via [...]

20 Funniest Captcha Art Pics

CAPTCHArt is a popular website that published user-submitted art inspired by “captchas,” those little tests in which you prove you’re a real person before you leave a comment at a website. Oddee sifted through and found twenty of the funniest illustrations for your amusement. Link

Using CAPTCHA to Decipher Old Text

If you think that CAPTCHA, the squiggly lines you have to decipher in order to login or place your comments on many websites, are only there to keep out spammers, think again! There is actually another use of the annoying feature: to correct mistakes in scanning old text. Guy Gugliotta of the New York Times explains: For [...]

The Underground CAPTCHA Industry

Humans can solve them, computers cannot, or so we’ve been led to believe. Yes, I’m talking about CAPTCHAs, those annoying puzzles you see whenever you post something to Craigslist, or even try to leave a comment on this blog. Originally designed to block spam, Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart, or [...]