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Sisko Wanted to Be Bald and Other Things You Might Not Know about Deep Space Nine

In 1993, Star Trek began a bold experiment: a series set on a fixed location. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was an unusual, experimental and gloriously successful contribution to the Star Trek universe. Here are some facts that you might not know about the show. 1. Brandon Tartikoff originally conceived of Deep Space Nine as The [...]

The Disputed History of the Tarzan Yell

Johnny Weissmuller made it famous. Carol Burnett made it funny. But the origin of Hollywood’s iconic jungle cry is shrouded in mystery. Getty Images Back in 1932, in movie theaters across the country, the actor Johnny Weissmuller stood high on a cliff and let fly with a savage cry, roughly translated as “Aah-eeh-ah-eeh-aaaaaah-eeh-ah-eeh-aaaaah!” The Tarzan yell has long [...]

Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura Potatoheads

Mr. Potato Head – Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura | $34.95 Spock and Uhura now come in Mr. Potatohead form! Get these 5″ tall figures while they’re hot. Spock has his hand raised in the Vulcan greeting,and Uhura has her tricorder ready. The two come in a set together, and can’t wait to join the Mr. [...]

Great Food Ideas For A Fantasy and Sci-Fi Themed Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is great, but let’s face it –sometimes it’s just not relatable enough for those of us obsessed with fantasy and sci-fi tales. If pilgrims and natives aren’t your thing, then turkey, cranberry and pumpkin might not cut it either. For those of you who are thankful for good contributions to geek culture, here are [...]

No Harm Could Possibly Befall This Cute Felted Red Shirt Bunny

Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Ensign Snuggles are beaming down to the planet. They will no doubt all return safely. Check out the rest of Etsy seller Jennifer Hugon’s store, which includes critters like this in the form of Batman, Robin, Spock, Frankenstein’s monster, Cylons, and zombies. Link -via Fanboy

"O, Canada" Shatner-Style

(Video link) The Shat may not want anyone to see this, but who cares? Here’s Captain Kirk’s pause- (and aside-) filled version of the Canadian National Anthem, in commemoration of his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Governor General. It’s like being a knight, only different. Happy Canada Day again, northerly Neatoramanauts! You’re fabulous. Link

Spock & Captain Kirk Star Trek Salt & Pepper Shakers

Spock & Captain Kirk Star Trek Salt & Pepper Shakers – $12.95 Attention Star Trek fans! Behold the Spock & Captain Kirk Star Trek Salt & Pepper Shakers from the NeatoShop. With the Spock & Captain Kirk Salt & Pepper Shakers you can boldly season where no food has been seasoned before. Food alert, all hands to [...]

Science Fiction Home Furnishings

Earlier this week I was working on a list of science fiction-inspired furniture when I became distracted by a number of creative science fiction quilts. When I returned to the matter at hand, I found quite a few ways to take your home “out of this world.” 1. TARDIS Murphy Bed An unnamed craftsman in New Zealand [...]

12 Impressive Sci-Fi Quilts

Science fiction fans are a creative bunch, which only makes sense if you think about it. And nothing makes a more personal gift than a handmade quilt that someone you love has poured their time and creativity into in order to display your geeky interests. Here are a dozen such projects. 1. Spock Quilt You have to [...]

Happy 80th, William Shatner!

Today is William Shatner’s 80th birthday. It’s hard to believe that Captain Kirk is an octogenarian, and frankly, he seems busier now than he has been in years — he’s actively working on multiple TV shows (one’s even on a major network), he’s got an autobiography on bookshelves, and the Original Captain even has a [...]