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Iran launches life capsule into orbit

Iran have successfully launched a capsule capable of carrying animals as part of their space program. The move is a concern to western powers due to t…

Where Did We Bury that Time Capsule?

The officials of Kimberly, Wisconsin buried a time capsule 25 years ago with plans to dig it up to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary in 2010. The time has come, but no one knows where that time capsule is! The time capsule held coins, news clippings and a bottle of New Coke in a 2-foot-long piece [...]

Rendlesham – was it an Air Force blunder ?

Was the Rendleshem UFO actually an Apollo capsule dropped from a helicopter by accident ? The theory involves the capsule being accidently dropped aft…

Cubicles for the Homeless

Entrepreneurs in Tokyo have developed “capsule” hotels with coffin-like cubicles for those needing shelter. They aren’t free: The rent is surprisingly high for such a small space: 59,000 yen a month, or about $640, for an upper bunk. But with no upfront deposit or extra utility charges, and basic amenities like fresh linens and free use [...]