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The Missing Links: How the Class of ’16 Sees the World

I Can’t Believe “Walk the Line” & “Wear Black” Aren’t On Here It is, after all, a to-do list written by Johnny Cash. * Bringing Down the Big Red Giants Check out these awe-inspiring shots of lumberjacks chopping down gargantuan California redwoods nearly a century ago. * The Class of 2016 Lives in a Weird World This year’s new [...]

18 Bizarre Self-Proclaimed Capitals of the World

Lots of places claim to be the world capital of something — animals, fruits, vegetables, consumer goods, other odds and ends. But sometimes, that something is really, really strange. 1. Pearsonville, California: Hubcap Capital of the World Image credit: Center for Land Use Interpretation While Pearsonville, California, only has a population of 17, it’s still the Hubcap Capital [...]

Why Do We Capitalize “I”?

Capital “I” image via Shutterstock Some languages capitalize several of their pronouns. Some don’t capitalize any of them. English is an odd duck in that we only capitalize the first person singular, I. Why? Honestly, we’re not sure. Linguists and historians have been unable to find any record of a definitive explanation. We know this much: In [...]

China’s “Two Flies Only” Rule

Public restrooms are notoriously bad in China, so the authorities there are cracking down with a new "two flies only" rule: Authorities in the Chinese capital have set new standards for public toilets, [...]

Glory Day: Lancaster’s Brief Stint as Our Nation’s Capital

© Richard T. Nowitz/CORBIS If you’ve visited Lancaster, Penn., you probably remember it as a nice mid-sized city right in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country. What you might not know is that 234 years ago today, it became our young country’s third capital city, a position it held only briefly. Very, very briefly. Let’s take [...]

Paris outlaws praying in the streets

A controversial new ban on praying in the streets is to be strictly enforced in France’s capital. The new law may also be extended to apply to the who…

Can Social Media Hipster Save Myspace?

Forget Justin Timberlake! You know who can "bring sexy back" to Myspace*? According to this clever webcomic by Matt Melvin of Cyanide and Happiness, it’s social media hipsters. After all, bell bottoms came back, so why not vintage social networking? *Yes, folks – [...]

Egyptian "Dog Catacomb" Has 8 Million Mummified Dogs

In a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the Egyptian desert lies a truly remarkable catacomb containing the mummified remains of dogs and jackals. Now, since this is Egypt, mummies aren’t exactly unusual – what made the Dog Catacomb so different is that it contains an immense amount of mummified puppies: They estimate the catacombs contain the remains [...]

Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts (about Washington, D.C.)

Most people know that Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States; what they don’t know is what the heck a Georgetown Hoya is. Despite Georgetown’s mascot, Jack the Bulldog, our puppies below can tell you that a Hoya is not a dog of any kind. They can also tell you these fun facts: [...]

How 13 More Great American Cities Got Their Names

A few weeks ago we took a look at how 17 great American cities got their names. Since we could never cram every city’s story into a single post, let’s take a look at a second round of city name origins today. 1. Albany New York’s first capital first went by the name Beverwyck when it was [...]