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Wheel Clamp Man: Hero or Villain?

A caped crusader who named himself the Wheel Clamp Man found his calling when he got clamped one day. Now, the mystery man with a Zapata mustache and green leotard roams the city of [...]

Lenticular LEGO Portrait Of Batman And Joker

This awesome piece of optical LEGO art was created by Arthur Gugick, a man who had a vision of Batman and the Joker on the same piece of LEGO art then made his vision come true. Tilt it one way-you’ve got the Caped Crusader, tilt it the other way you’ve got Mr. Joker in all his [...]

Holy Musical B@tman! Is Taking Gotham City By Storm

(YouTube Link) If you like your musicals cheesy and superhero themed, then you’re gonna love Holy Musical B@tman, an extremely entertaining show from Team Starkid that features catchy tunes, goofy villains and an Underoos clad Batman with a heart full of vengeance. Loosely based on Tim Burton’s version of the Caped Crusader, it’s darkly comedic musical theater [...]

Lamborghini Batman is a Real Super Hero

Last week we told you about Batman being pulled over by the police in Montgomery County, Maryland for driving his black Lamborghini without proper plates. There turns out to be much more to the story. This Caped Crusader’s alter ego is businessman Lenny B. Robinson, who spends his money and his spare time encouraging sick [...]

Darth Knight Custom Action Figure Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Custom modeler John Harmon was inspired by Malmey Studios’ Darth Vader/Batman Armor crossover costume when he created this custom hybrid action figure. Here’s how the two figures became one: Darth Knight has been using the body from a Dark Knight Movie Masters Batman figure, and the head, lightsaber, chest plate, and other pieces from a Star [...]

Batman Hired To Clean Up The Streets Of Taubate Brazil

The Brazilian city of Taubate has hired 50 year old military veteran Andre Luiz Pinheiro to dress up as Batman and fight street crime vigilante style throughout the city. Residents, local business owners and police are hoping that the Caped Crusader’s presence will inspire others to help clean up the neighborhood, and they want him to [...]

WTF In Cartoon Form-A Giant Hot Dog Eats Batman

(YouTube Link) Here’s your WTF moment of the day, an animated short featuring a giant hot dog eating the Caped Crusader! The hot dog has no facial features save a giant maw, so it’s hard to tell what it’s thinking about as it chomps down on old Batsy, but I bet it wishes it had a [...]

Retro Batman Trading Card Art

The artwork from the 1966 Batman trading card set is so delightfully retro, with simpler character designs, hand painted panels, and less stylized versions of your fav villains, that I hope modern artists and designers take note when going for that retro look in their own artwork. It’s not all about warm and tacky color schemes, [...]

Batman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves

Why settle for a Snuggie when you can get one that makes you look like your favorite Caped Crusader? Of course, the name of this product had to be “genericized” because Snuggie is a brand name, but you know what you’re getting. The “Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves” at Amazon comes in other super flavors, [...]