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Firefly in a Jar

Just make sure that you don’t catch Cap’n Mal’s Serenity. It won’t be worth the trouble it’ll cost you. Crafster member spikefan embroidered this cute cover for a sketchbook. Link -via Geek Crafts

Bottled Flash Drive

Why? Because if you don’t cap your USB memory stick in some manner, the data will fall out. Simple science, folks. This simple invention by the Japanese design studio Hum solves that problem with an old fashioned corked bottle. Link -via DVICE

A Herringbone Newsie Cap For Cats

Just look at how chic this little kitty looks in his newsboy cap. Your cat could look just as stylish if you head over to Etsy seller CATalier’s shop. Alternatively, your feline could also be decked out with scarves, top hats or bowties thanks to the kitty clothier. Link Via Laughing Squid

Champagne Chairs

Hosanna Houser takes the cap and wire cage that comes on a champagne bottle and makes cute little chairs out of them! Since each is from a special occasion, she marks the date underneath the “seat.” What’s more, she posted a picture gallery that shows you how you can make your own. Link -via Nag [...]

Frog Snuggle Sack

Frog Snuggle Sack and Cap | $35.95 Now isn’t this absolutely adorable? The Frog Snuggle Sack and Cap from the NeatoShop will be the hit of the baby shower, and the nursery, too! The snuggle sack is light-green, textured polyester with sunny-gold tummy sprinkled with polka dots; a meadow-green jumper like fit at the top; dark-green [...]

Invisible Beggar

Serbian Nemanja Petrovic has promoted himself from panhandler to street performer. Tired of being ignored, he’s figured out a successful system of begging from just one inspired moment of frustration. As an act of protest the 42-year-old tossed his cap and shoes down on the street with a hand-written sign saying ‘Invisible Beggar’ while he [...]

Ketchup Kritter Ketchup Bottle Cap

Ketchup Kritter Ketchup Bottle Cap – $3.95 It’s the unofficial start of summer! Are you ready for your next backyard BBQ? Dress up your picnic table with the Ketchup Kritter Ketchup Bottle Cap from the NeatoShop. This fabulous little monster spits ketchup out of his mouth! It pairs great with the Booger Buddies Mustard Bottle Cap. Summer will [...]

The Baddest Cereal Mascot EVAR!

What do you get when you cross Cap’n Crunch with Captain Morgan? The baddest cereal mascot EVAR! (Bonus: Toucan Sam!) From deviantART user ninjaink – via Popped Culture

Guard Rail Safety Feature

Have you ever noticed a highway guard rail with a cap on the end like this? It’s not just for looks! Read an explanation of what happens when a car hits a guard rail with and without an end cap. Beware that there are pictures of what happens when a guard rail does not have [...]