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Epic Backyard Looping Waterslide of DOOM!

Epic backyard looping waterslide or a prelude to a trip to the emergency room? See whether this DIY deathtrap fun creation by YouTube user TSchmalz3000 work over at VideoSift: Link [embedded YouTube] [...]

Cannonball Run

The folks at Perception Builder reconstructed the path of the Mythbusters cannonball misfire from last week on this map. You can clearly see the area that was intended to contain the firing, and the incredible distance it actually went. See a larger map at the website. Link -via Fark

Mythbusters Goofs Up Good

How fast can a cannonball travel? Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were tackling this question yesterday for an episode of their TV show Mythbusters when things went completely wrong. The cannon misfired, and the cannonball went up into the air over Dublin, California. The next question they will probably tackle is whether the footage will [...]

Philipp Igumnov’s Surreal Collages

Philipp Igumnov, an artist in Moscow, makes deliciously surreal photographic collages that place in worlds where the weird is ordinary. My favorite is this one of a boy about to make the ultimate cannonball. Link -via Colossal | Artist’s Blog

Cannonball Tree

The cannonball tree bears fruit that is shaped like a cannonball. When these 10-inch spheres fall from above and hit the ground, they crack open with a sound like a cannon firing. The tree (scientific name Couroupita guianensis is native to the south of the Caribbean and to the northern parts of South America. Yet it [...]