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I think pets should be named purely based on pun potential. Works for me! A comic from The Joy Cannon. Link -via Tastefully Offensive

Cannon Ball Shooter

Cannon Ball Shooter – $14.95 Is your life all work and no play. Stop letting kids have all the fun. Get the Cannon Ball Shooter from the NeatoShop. This fantastic little cannon can launch a foam ball up to 30 feet. It is perfect for cubicle warfare. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Cubicle [...]

Slow Motion Paint Ball Fight

How do you top off building your own potato cannon style paint ball launchers? You film it in high def slow motion and create an epic fight with your friends. See the full video at the link. Link

Triple-barrelled cannon found in Croatia

A forerunner to the modern machine gun invented by Leonardo Da Vinci himself has been found in Croatia. The triple-barrelled cannon was discovered by …

T-Shirt Gatling Gun

The robot-building team at Bellarmine College Prepatory School in San Jose, California built a t-shirt cannon that can fire 200 t-shirts before reloading. It can spit them out as fast as three shirts per second. Link via Make | Photo: Team 254 Prevously: The T-Shirt Cannon

High Noon

Mounted on a 9″ marble base is a small brass cannon, and above that a magnifying glass. The positioning and focal length of the lens would be designed to light the cannon’s fuse. The placement of the sundial suggests that the device was used to mark the arrival of the noon hour (on sunny days). This [...]

Pumpkin Cannon Fires Squash One Mile

(YouTube Link) John Gill and Gary Arold of Hurley, New York built a compressed air cannon in 2006 that can fire a pumpkin (but they prefer squash as ammunition) up to a mile away. Adam Bosch writes in the Times Herald-Record: The cannon is mostly used on weekends to attract people to Gill’s Farm Market on Route [...]

Secret US SHC beam tested

Boeing has announced an in-flight test firing of its new aeroplane mounted raygun-cannon protype, the Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL), which accordi…