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Candy Cane Weapon System of Santa’s Defense Forces

Image: Sir EDW/Flickr Protecting Santa is a tough job, so Santa’s Defense Forces need heavy-duty weapons like this candy cane small arm that is standard issue on [...]

Frog and Toad Bladders Hunt and Remove Foreign Objects

Zoologists implanted frogs with radio transmitters. The result was that most of the transmitters were found in the frogs’ bladders or fully excreted. Further experimentation indicated that certain species of frogs and toads have bladders that can detect, surround, and excrete foreign objects. At Wired, Dave Mosher writes: They enlisted five green tree frogs and five [...]

Eye Stick For the Blind

This cane designed by Wonjune Song is meant for the blind, but there are two big innovations that set it apart from the classic cane: 1) Its got a sensor lens fitted at the bottom of the cane. So when a blind person approaches a traffic light or stairs, the cane senses it. 2) It warns the [...]