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Columbus’ Confusion About the New World

Smithsonian has several articles today abut Christopher Columbus, one of which explains some of his actions by looking at the mindset of a self-educated person in the 15th century. The unfamiliar things he saw in the New World were filtered through the knowledge of ancient writers, religious authorities, and culture. For example, both Columbus and [...]

Ancient Mariners Sailed A Homemade Raft Across The Atlantic

Sailing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic is quite an accomplishment, but what these guys did was a bit more daring. First, they built their own tiny raft out of pipes tied together, and second, the four sailors proved that age is not a limiting factor: Talk about your ancient mariners! British adventurer Anthony Smith, 85, and [...]

An Ethnic Cookbook From A Culture That Never Existed

This is the coolest idea for a cookbook I’ve ever seen. The Feasts of Tre-mang will be a cookbook full of exotic and unusual (but delicious!) recipes that originated on the Island of Tre-mang, which was near the Canary Islands until it got destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the first decades of the last [...]

Top 10 Funniest Holiday Complaints Are Revealed | Cheap Holidays Packages

Funniest Holiday Complaints Are Revealed | Cheap Holidays Packages The sand’s too hot and the women look too good in bikinis are just two of the odd complaints made by holiday-makers it’s been revealed. Customer services at an online travel agency have taken a look at some of more bizarre complaints they received in 2010 and produced [...]

The Graffiti Of Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s beautiful Canary Islands is home to an enormous amount of unique street art. See a small selection of the awesome graffiti at Direct Villas Tenerife. Link (image credit: Flickr user herr_S) From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Eavesy.