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Bowfisherman Hauls in Record-Breaking 302-Pound Alligator Gar

Brent Crawford normally hunts grass carp on Lake Corpus Christi, Texas. But he and his equipment were abruptly put to the ultimate test when he spotted a massive alligator gar in a canal near his home. He waited for his chance and shot a line into it with his fishing bow. This gar weighed 302 [...]

Squid Boat by Phlegm

Urban artist Phlegm took a break from painting on walls to create this squid canal boat in England. Unurth has more pics of the street … er, canal art: Link

Life Rafts Serve as Hotel Rooms

These pods are moored in a canal in The Hague. They used to be oil rig life rafts, but now they serve as hotel rooms. Except for an exterior lock and a chemical toilet, they remain in their original state. This way, you can get the true life raft-in-a-canal experience! Denis Oudendijk, the owner, established this [...]

Turbo The Doberman Saved By Dolphins

Turbo, an 11 year old doberman, wandered away from his home on Marco Island, Florida. He was found fifteen hours later in a canal not far from his home, alive but exhausted. The dog likely spent the entire night in the canal before a neighbor rescued him after being alerted by dolphins who kept the [...]

The Barton Swing Aqueduct

If you need a canal to cross another canal, you simply build a water bridge across, with one canal on top of another. If you need to build a land bridge across a waterway, you can make the bridge split in two or swing aside when tall ships need to pass. But what do you [...]

Submarine in a Canal

Cyril Howarth spent £50,000 converting a canal boat into something that looks like a U-boat. He’s placed it out on the narrow canal between Leeds and Liverpool (UK), much to the displeasure of local boaters: But the vessel has so alarmed fellow canal users that British waterways has been called on to investigate whether it breaches [...]

Air Travel’s Glory Years

Flying these days is about as pleasant as a root canal, with security hassles, delays, poor service, expensive or nonexistent food, and cramped seats. But was it always this way? The answer, of course, is no. And so, we decided to take a look back to the glory days of flight – when the stewardesses [...]