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The Nerdiest Practical Joke Ever

The Nobel Prize winning chemist Melvin Calvin (1911-1997) was not known as a man of great humor. This only encouraged one of his assistants to play a great prank on him while Calvin was preparing a paper for a 1955 issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Joshua Howgego, a graduate student in [...]

From Classics to Graphics: 6 Literary Masterpieces Turned Into Graphic Novels

Abridging classic novels for younger readers is nothing new. But in recent years, classic literature has been graphic novel-ized, making it more accessible for readers young and old while preserving the plot, themes, and sometimes even the author’s voice. English class will never be the same, thanks to these classics gone graphic. 1. The Picture of [...]

Extremely Lucky Bald Eagle Receives A 3D Printed Beak

Beauty is one of the luckiest bald eagles alive today, because not only has she survived being shot in the face by poachers, she now sports a very chic, very modern 3d printed beak for her chewing pleasure. The good folks at the Birds Of Prey Northwest sanctuary never gave up on Beauty, determined to do [...]

Calvin And Hobbes GIFs

These awesome Calvin and Hobbes GIFs remind us of how cute an animated series featuring the imaginative duo would be. Relive the adventures of a boy and his tiger, as they make faces, travel through space and face the wrath of Mom, like you’ve never seen before- in the form of cute animated GIFs! They’re perfect for [...]

Facts About Every Student From the 30th Story of Wayside School

Louis Sachar’s Sideways Stories From Wayside School series is still a favorite of elementary-age kids, 34 years after the first book hit the shelves. Each of the three books features 30 chapters — one for each floor of the Wayside School building — and each chapter (usually) features one student. Here are a few facts [...]

Is This The Geekiest Wedding Ever?

What do you get when you combine Star Wars, zombies, Reservoir Dogs and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? You get the awesome photos from Deyanna and Dustin’s geektastically amazing wedding. If the pictures aren’t enough to sell you on this wedding, consider this: the maid of honor and best man did a reading from Calvin [...]

Calvin and Hobbes Bento Box

Bento maestro Anna the Red has created another masterpiece. This time, she transmorgified Calvin and his tiger into food. Calvin’s face is made from ham and Hobbes’s stripes from seaweed. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Dietribes: The Green Bean Caper

• A bean by any other name … would still be a bean. Green beans are also known as French Beans (if you’re British), string beans or snap beans. • The Green beans we eat today are not, as many think, a native of North America but rather of Central and South America. Early varieties were especially [...]

Roger Williams’ Big Idea

Calvinist preacher Roger Williams emigrated from England to the colonies with a wave of Puritans in 1630. He was fleeing religious strife, but found controversies in America as well -with the leaders of his own sect. Williams did not differ with them on any point of theology. They shared the same faith, all worshiping the God [...]

3D Model Recreation of the Gory Snowmen Death Scenes from Calvin & Hobbes

(Video Link) We’ve previously seen efforts to recreate the horrifying terror of snowmen built and destroyed by the malevolent Calvin. The is the contribution of a model maker to the genre. He made the figures out of sculpey and Playdough and added the visual effects with Adobe After Effects. Look at his behind-the-scenes shots at [...]