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Gingerbread Mars Rover

Wait — Mars is made out of candy? Let’s go! This Curiosity Rover built by Caltech has given us all the motivation we need: Crafted by Kevin Isacsson, head chef of the Athaneum, the Pasadena university’s private dining club, the rover features pinwheel cookie wheels connected with black licorice, sugared Lego “gears” and gumdrop and M&M [...]

The Greatest College Prank Ever Pulled

It’s been called the greatest college prank ever pulled: in 1961 Rose Bowl, a team of Caltech students altered the University of Washington’s halftime flip-card routine so it’d spell out “CALTECH.” Here’s how they did it, as told by the mastermind of the stunt (a then 19-year old student) Lyn Hardy: “There was a lot of luck [...]

Problem with Close-Talking? Blame the Brain

Why is it so uncomfortable to stand really close to a stranger? Sure, there are the potentially icky things. Sometimes an elevator car is so crowded that you can smell a fellow rider’s shampoo or chewing gum (or worse). But even when a stranger is perfectly groomed, it’s usually a bit revolting to be pressed against him in public. [...]