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Water Calligraphy Machine

Nicholas Hanna is an architect by training, but he’s fascinated by Chinese calligraphy. He’s invented an ingenious gadget that writes messages in Chinese with water. It’s attached to a tricycle and as he rides it, the electronically-controlled machine sprays water onto the pavement. If you had such a device, what would you write with it? Link [...]

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion as an Illuminated Manuscript

Benjamin Harff, a German art student, spent a year creating a copy of The Silmarillion in the tradition of medieval European illuminated manuscripts. Most of the text itself was typed, but the elaborate calligraphy was Harff’s own work. Click on the link to see some amazing works of calligraphy. Link -via Nerdcore | Photo: Tolkien Library

Trash Calligraphy

(Video link) A video clip sowing the Trashloverz team performing calligraphy – “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner” – at various pieces of trash. via We like that