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Pac-Man Body Piercings

Waka waka waouchie! Neatoramanaut Shannon Larratt pointed us to this g33ky body piercing of Pac-Man and ghost, done by Body Piercing by Tracy in Oceanside, California: Link [...]

Super Grover Tattoo

Certainly a good premise for a tattoo is an inspirational, heroic figure. Super Grover from Sesame Street will do the trick. This particular tattoo was made by Cecil Porter of Murrieta, California. Link (main site is NSFW at times) | Cecil Porter’s Website

The Other Millenium Falcon

Photo: Telstar Logistics [Flickr] It may not have done a Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, but it seems to be holding up well against two AT-ATs in the background! Todd Lappin of Telstar Logistics found the “other” Millenium Falcon in action in Oakland, California. Link

10 Amazing Abandoned Bank Vaults

When you think of a bank vault you probably tend to think about thick steel doors, massive locks, armed guards, deposit boxes and lots of cash, which is why it is so strange to see what they look like when they’ve been abandoned! These vaults were built to withstand robbery attempts, so they survive even [...]

Vincent Van Gogh Cake

Photo: megpi This cake inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night was created by flickr user megpi of Silver Lake, California. Link via Make | Starry Night at the MoMA