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Calf with six legs defies the odds

A six-legged calf that defied the odds by surviving past seven weeks has become a minor Swiss celebrity. The outlook seemed grim for Lilli when she wa…

Dolphins Teaching Each Other How to Walk on Water

Here’s the danger of releasing captive dolphins in the wild: they’re now teaching wild dolphins how to “walk” with their tails along the surface of water! WDCS researcher Dr Mike Bossley, who has observed Adelaide’s Port River dolphins for the past 24 years, said he had documented spectacular tail walking in two adult female dolphins, known [...]

woman breastfeeds calf

Woman Breastfeeding Video has become a thorny issue in the West, with some women declaring the act ‘creepy’ while others fervently believe ‘breast is best’. But for Couthi Bai, a villager from Kilchu, India, the decision to breastfeed an orphaned calf after its mother died was a natural one. She tells her story.Since the death [...]

Cow Gets Double Prosthetic Legs

When Nancy Dickenson and her stepdaughter found an 11-month-old calf suffering from severe frostbite on their neighbor’s property, they knew they had to do something to help. When they realized the Black Angus heifer had lost the use of its back legs, they bought the cow from their neighbor and then brought it to Colorado [...]

Holy cow cross divine sign on calf

A calf has been born with a white marking on its forehead in the shape of a cross. Jersey Holstein calf Moses caused a stir with his appearance on a dairy farm in Sterling, Rhode Island. His owner, Brad Davis, told WFSB-TV that he believes the marking may be a message from above – but admitted he [...]

Calf mutilations baffle officials

A string of peculiar calf mutilations in southern Colorado has officials baffled. In recent weeks four calves have been found dead with their skin…

Calf Gets Prosthetic Legs

Nancy Dickenson of Ocate, New Mexico and her stepdaughter Martha found an 11-month-old calf on a neighbor’s ranch that was suffering from severe frostbite. The black angus heifer had lost the use of her back legs and hooves. What to do? Obviously, the answer is to give her prosthetic legs! The Dickensons have rescued dozens of [...]