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Mayan Apocalypse Update: Pictures

Apparently, the world has dodged a bullet. Or not, as few people believed the world would end as the Maya calendar ran out. However, some people were ready, while others used the opportunity to party. The Mail Online has a roundup of photographs of events held the world over as December 21st dawned. Shown here [...]

Beer Advent Calendar

If you were intrigued by the Whiskey Advent Calendar but thought it too pricy, here’s a project you’ll love. Instructables member mikeasaurus designed an advent calendar that dispenses a different beer every day! He made it as a gift for a friend. The cover is printed, so you can customize it as you wish, or [...]

Can Sex Help Sell Coffins?

Ad execs have long known that sex sells. But can it sell coffins? Enterprising coffin-maker Zbigniew Lindner swears by it. He has been printing calendars of sexy women posing next to coffins years now: One image from the 2013 edition of the [...]

Will the world end within 100 days ?

Doomsday theories continue to thrive as the end of the Mayan calendar is now less than 100 days away. The hype surrounding December 21st 2012 as an ‘e…

Mayan calendar – world doesn’t end in 2012

The oldest ever Mayan calendar has been unearthed by archaeologists at the Xultun ruins in Guatemala. For years the fact that the Mayan calendar appea…

Fictional Character Birthday Calendar

Taking a look at the Fictional Character Birthday Calendar, I see that I share a birthday with Scott Pilgrim, who was born in 1981. Maybe I should see that movie. The calendar at Flavorwire has birthdays of your favorite movie, TV, comic book, literature, and game characters on each day of the year -and you [...]

10 Science Holidays To Brighten Up Your Year

Let’s face it, most holidays already marked on your calendar are pretty boring -Valentine’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day…yawn. If you really want to geek up your wall calendar and ensure you celebrate holidays more appropriate to your specific interests, don’t miss io9′s round up of great science holiday including Pi approximation day (July 22) and [...]

A Short History of the Modern Calendar

(YouTube link) Have you got a calendar for the new year yet? The calendar we use might not be all that rational, but we are quite used to it. This video from Jeremiah Warren will help you understand how our calendar came about. -via The Daily What

Rolling Calendar

Sebastian Bergne’s calendar consists of a metal roller marked with the days of the week. It rests on a serrated wooden beam. Each day, roll it forward one slot to know what day of the month and day of the week it is. Link -via Colossal | Designer’s Website | Photo: Moco

IKEA Instructions for Stonehenge

What was the purpose for Stonehenge? Was it a calendar, an observatory, or a sacrificial site? These suggestions by archaeologists assume that it was a completed design instead of a project left half-finished because the assembly instructions were provided by IKEA. Justin Pollard, John Lloyd and Stevyn Colgan composed a cartoon illustrating this explanation. This [...]