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8 Underdog Nations and Their Memorable Olympic Performances

This week, the tiny Caribbean nation of Grenada won its first Olympic medal when 19-year-old Kirani James took the gold in the 400-meter dash. With a population of 104,000, Grenada is the 17th-smallest country in the world, and now the smallest nation to win a gold medal.┬áHere’s a look back at eight other great Olympic [...]

Lost Boy Used Google Earth to Find His Mother

Twenty five years after he got lost whilst traveling on a train in India, a man found his mother using the unlikeliest of technology, satellite images. Here’s the incredible story of how Saroo Brierly used Google Earth to [...]

India Not Giving Up Mother Teresa

When Mother Teresa died in 1997, she was buried at the Missionaries of Charity headquarters in Calcutta. Now that she is expected to be canonized as a saint, the government of Albania has asked that her remains be disinterred and turned over to Albanian authorities. India has formally rejected the demand. “Mother Teresa was an Indian [...]