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The Vice President Who Wrote a Hit Song

History buffs might know the name Charles Dawes, which probably sounds vaguely familiar but can’t-quite-place-him to the rest of us. Here’s a refresher: he was Calvin Coolidge’s vice president. They hated each other. Long before he was Coolidge’s second-in-command, however, Dawes was a pianist and composer. In fact, he was a member of Phi Mu Alpha [...]

Fuzzy Math: How College Football’s Champs Were Chosen

The BCS pairings have been announced for this year’s football season, so here’s a question for you college football nuts: what NCAA school claims the most football national championships? Who did you guess? Alabama? The Crimson Tide have only won a paltry 13 titles. Michigan? Notre Dame? USC? They’re all tied with a pedestrian 11 championships. [...]

The Story of the Vietnam POW Bracelets

In the early 1970s, millions of Americans bought and wore metal bracelets inscribed with the name of one American who was missing in action or a POW in Vietnam. Those bracelets were the project of Carol Bates Brown, who was a student at what is now Cal State Northridge and a member of the conservative [...]

Talking Pictures: Times of Trouble

Unemployment, wars, terrorism, natural disasters — times are hard, there’s no question. But times have been harder. We’ve been through worse and bounced back. If nothing else, I hope this week’s Talking Pictures helps, in some small way, to put our own problems in perspective. Courtesy Angelica Paez One of my jobs 20 miles from home I’d go anywhere [...]

Really, Really Dumb Moments in Sports

REDSKINS DOUBLE THEIR BLUNDER During the NFL draft in 1946, the Washington Redskins were giddy when they nabbed UCLA running back Cal Rossi. By pairing Rossi with star quarterback “Slingin’ Sammy” Baugh, Washington hoped to build a backfield that would give opponents nightmares. There was just one problem: Rossi was still a junior in college, and [...]

Cal Orko Dinosaur Wall of Bolivia

Cal Orko – The Dinosaur Wall of BoliviaCal Orcko (Voice Quechua Cal Urqu, ‘Hill of Cal’) is a paleontological site, found at the quarry at a factory of cement, in Bolivia (FANCESA), department of Chuquisaca. It is the site with traces of dinosaurs in the world, as it contains over 5,000 tracks of 294 species [...]