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Game of Cakes

Winter is coming to the cake world with this amazing Game of Thrones cake created for the last season’s wrap party by Contemporary Cakes. Link

Sparklecorn Nyan Cat Cake

Charm City Cakes recently made this and posted it on their Pintrest.  While it looks great when they make a Sparklecorn cake, I worry about how well mine will come out for John’s birthday next year. Keep your eyes on Cake Wrecks for my failed attempt at copying this masterpiece. Link Via When Geeks Wed

Cold Sore Cupcake

Eh, I’m sure it’s nothing. Go ahead and pucker up. You know, YOLO and all that. Tattoo Cakes made this irresistable concoction. Link -via Evil Cakes

11 Cakes Inspired by Comic Books

Last month we brought you cakes inspired by famous painters, so this time around, let’s look at cakes based on a more contemporary art style: comic books. 1. Spider-Man Groom One of Cake Central user MissRobin’s clients ordered this groom’s cake for her son, who has always been a Spider-Man fan. The idea of a suit over [...]

8 Cakes For Completely Inappropriate Occasions

Cake Wrecks has a collection of cakes that aren’t necessarily wrecks, but were baked for the strangest reasons. I mean, it was nice to have a”get well cake” made, but this decorating scheme seems like you’re just rubbing it in. See the rest at Cake Wrecks, but keep in mind that some refer to adult [...]

Harry Potter Hedwig Cake

What’s that spell again? Oh yeah, fantasticus cakus getinmybellius. Check out this wedding cake featuring Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter by Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills, California. The glasses, wand, and polyjuice potion [...]

British Things Depicted with Jaffa Cakes

The Tower Bridge, in Jaffa Cakes I’ve never had Jaffa Cakes before (well, are they cakes or biscuits?) but they look delicious. No wonder then that Dominic Wilcox had to eat hundreds of these [...]

Bad Day Cakes

A nice gift of a cake can make someone feel better when they’ve had a bad day, but there’s no good to come of reminding them of what made it so bad! Unless you count the entertainment value of posting the cake to Cake Wrecks. See more bad day cakes in this collection. Link

19 Amazing Video Game Cakes

Serious gamers know just how time-consuming gaming is, often making it difficult to do anything besides working (only to buy more games) and playing the games themselves. Even so, gamers usually do still manage to have lives outside of the console; these cakes are some of the amazing creations that have been born as a [...]

Ordinal Numbers

When we were very young, we learned how to place things in order: first second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. Some of us went on to decorate cakes that wished children a Happy Birthday with their age specified as an ordinal number. But occasionally, the numeric abbreviation for an ordinal gets messed up. Cake Wrecks has [...]