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Watch 56 Episodes of “Star Trek” Simultaneously

Got fifty minutes to spare? Okay, how about an unbelievable reservoir of tolerance for cacophony and 60s color schemes? Perfect. Strap yourselves in and enjoy the first two seasons* (ish) of Star Trek. Yes, it’s in HD. Put it on the View Screen, Lieutenant! * = The first season pilot (The Cage) was [...]

Funny and Creepy Face Swapping Pictures

Have you ever wondered what Brad and Angelina would look like if they switched faces with each other? Or what Abraham Lincoln would look like if he was actually played by Nic Cage? Well, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, now you can -and the results are hilarious. WebUrbanist has a great collection of Photoshop [...]

The Smoking Orangutan

You’d think that being in a cage would make it hard to feed a smoking habit, but that’s not the case in Malaysia. Here’s the shocking story of how visitors to the Johor Baru zoo fed Shirley, a 25-year-old orangutan cigarettes, just to watch her smoke: The government-run zoo in in Johor Baru has erected a [...]

That’s One Way to Get Your Baby Some Fresh Air

As the father of a 16-month old – and another bundle of joy due next month – my wife and I are constantly on the lookout for nifty baby products that might provide our son(s) with positive experiences, while offering us a moment of relaxation. This leads us often to stores like Babies R Us [...]

Got a Baby? Got a Window?

This “baby cage” was marketed for families living in tenements without easy access to outdoor spaces. Suspended from the side of the building, the baby would have access to fresh air and sunlight through the cage’s wire frame, and still have sufficient room to play with toys, according to a patent filed in 1922 by an [...]

6 Promotions That Didn’t Quite Work Out

Marketing has come a long way in the last two centuries, but it’s hard to get people’s attention these days. Sometimes, you’ve got to do something big and outrageous and potentially dangerous, and sometimes, those things don’t always work out exactly the way you’d planned. Like employing a guerilla marketing firm to promote a cartoon [...]

Thugs’ Intended Victims Turned Out To Be … Cross-Dressing Cage Fighters!

If you think the Somali pirate had a bad case of mistaken identity, check this one out: when two thugs decided to attack a pair of transvestites, they found out the hard way that their intended victims were cross-dressing cage fighters! The Daily Mail has the story: Dean Gardener, 19, and Jason Fender, 22, singled out the [...]

Crocosaurus Cove "The Cage of Death"

Crocosaurus Cove “The Cage of Death” Without the cage you wouldn’t stand a chance swimming with a massive saltwater crocodile. But for brave punters who still want to get cosy with a feisty croc, a new Australian tourist attraction is offering the chance for a close encounter in the safety of a clear acrylic box dubbed the [...]