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Non-melting chocolate invented

Food experts at Cadbury’s have developed a new type of chocolate that doesn’t melt in hot weather. An achievement even Willy Wonka himself would be en…

Ackbar’s Trap bar

(YouTube link) If you remember the Cadbury ad campaign of 2007, then consider this a parody. If you don’t, well then it’s Chewbacca playing a Phil Collins song on drums, which is awesome enough, right? -Thanks, Nick!

Amphibious Ice Cream Van

HMS Flake 99 (shouldn’t that be HMAICV?) is sailing through the UK’s rivers, canals, and along its shores to sell its yummy wares. It’s a promotional venture by Cadbury Icecreamland. Just paddle, swim, or sail up and place your order. Link via Gizmodo | Photo: Taylor Herring

Bake It in a Cake

We often post about inventive cakes and cupcakes, especially those made with other delicious foods inside, such as Oreos and Cadbury Creme Eggs. Now it’s no longer necessary to scrounge around for such confections. Thanks to the specializing tendency of the Internet, there’s a blog devoted entirely to baking foods inside cakes and cupcakes. Pictured [...]

Cadbury Creme Egg inside a Chocolate Cupcake

Melissa Smith of Zoey Cakes has made what may be the ultimate Cadbury Creme Egg creation. It’s baked with an egg inside, covered with vanilla buttercream frosting, and then topped with a mini egg. Link via Craft | Zoey Cakes Previously: Giant Cadbury Egg

The Number of the Day: 300,000,000

More than 300 million Cadbury Creme Eggs are produced each year. Related Facts: Cadbury Crème Eggs are made by pouring molten chocolate into a half-egg mold, which is then filled with white fondant and a dab of yellow fondant. Two halves are them stuck together. According to Cadbury, 16% of people use their finger to scoop [...]

Make Your Own Easter Basket Treats!

It’s very easy to pick up traditional Easter candies at your local store, but it’s so much more fun to make them from scratch! Any of these projects can be an enjoyable and educational experience for kids, and homemade treats are a perfectly personal gift. And they’re tasty, too. 1. Peeps Yes, you can make your own [...]

Cadbury Egg Catapult

Cadbury’s advertising for this year’s Creme Eggs brings us a game in which you use a catapult to toss eggs at Google Maps locations. After flailing about somewhat (fun in itself), I finally managed to “egg” my own house! Link -via the Presurfer