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Google Fiber

If Google gets enough people to sign up, they may offer a fiber-optic network that will compete with your local cable provider. With lower prices. The Google Fiber initiative is starting out in Kansas City. Essentially, you have to pay a hookup fee of $300, but this can be mitigated the same way cell service is [...]

Laser device could drill in to icy moons

A new robotic device that uses lasers shot through fiber-optic cable has been developed by scientsts. The device is a step forward in the future explo…


The octopus with its soft and flexible tentacles is a marvel of locomotion and  manipulation. The Octopus Project hopes to mimic those qualities in a machine. They’ve not quite made a completely soft robot octopus yet, but they’ve got the tentacles figured out. First, those big tentacles at the front are labeled as “SMA Arms,” which [...]

The Cutest Cable Organizer In The Galaxy

Every geek can use a cable organizer, but why go boring when you can make your own awesome AT-AT organizer with the easy-to-use kit from Etsy seller GeekCook. Of course, if you want a smaller, cheaper option, our Cable Monkey is always a good call. Link Via Laughing Squid

8 Creative Ways People Went Over the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall divided East Germany from West Berlin from 1961 through 1989. Although the East German government fortified the barrier with everything from watchtowers to guard dogs to beds of nails, a few people managed to slip over the border in amazing ways. Let’s take a look at some spectacular crossings, including the iconic [...]

Changing Channels

Cable TV channels and networks merge and split and rebrand and just plain change. How well do you keep up with those changes? Find out in today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss. I remember when we used to watch the Lifetime channel to see surgical procedures, but that’s been a long time -and many changes- ago. [...]

How Wildman Whitehouse Destroyed the Transatlantic Cable

We’re pretty used to our instantaneous communications these days, aren’t we? We get mad when an email takes too long to send or if a page takes more than five seconds to load. Back in the 1850s, though, people were awed and amazed when the first communication was successfully transmitted via the Transatlantic Cable in [...]

Broadband Internet Installed by Horse

Vermont will soon have statewide broadband Internet access, in part due to the labors of a horse delivering cable to remote areas. Fred and his human Claude Desmarais have lately been working seven days a week on the project: As Desmarais murmured a signal, Fred tugged a length of cable from a mammoth truck-mounted reel. With [...]

New TV show reconsiders past exorcisms

The Discovery Channel and the Vatican join forces to produce a show about historical possessions. An upcoming cable program has resulted from the Disc…

Floppy Disk USB Flash Drive

Charles Mangin made a USB flash drive that fits inside a stack of two 3.5 inch floppy disks: I extended the original cable from the business card USB drive, and routed it through a small piece of plastic, glued in place just inside the opening. This lets out just enough of the cable to plug into [...]