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Dietribes: Cabbage

• Cabbages are derived from the wild mustard plant of the Mediterranean region, and have been popular since ancient times. Cato the Elder praised the cabbage for its many medicinal uses. • Cabbages are highly nutritious, containing large amounts of Vitamin C, folate and fiber. That and its low calorie count is why some people use cabbage [...]

8 Endangered Plant Species

We often post about endangered animals, but plants can go extinct as well. Plant species’ fortunes are affected by the actions of humans and other animals. Consider the strange case of the plant pictured here known as Cabbage on a Stick: Cabbage on a stick is pretty much what it sounds like: a tuft of leaves [...]

Amateur gardener grows monster cabbage

Amateur gardener Jimmy Hill has managed to grow a row of monster vegetables including a 5ft cabbage. Despite the incredible size of the veggies Mr Hil…