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The Late Movies: O-SPAN

C-SPAN can be pretty boring, unless you’re watching Jon Stewart narrate the highlights. Personally, if I have to watch Congress on TV I much prefer O-SPAN, which is The Onion’s coverage. It’s a heckuva lot livelier. For instance, here’s what happens what a bat gets loose on the floor of Congress. … or when a half-eaten fish [...]

Adam Chodikoff: Investigative Humorist

Adam Chodikoff at Comedy Central offices. – Photo By Talaya Centeno (for WWD) Investigative Humorist, that’s what The Washington Post has called Adam Chodikoff, one of The Daily Show’s producers, and its most accomplished researcher. Behind the scenes, someone has to pour through all those C-Span clips; someone has to sift through newspapers and transcripts to [...]