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This Snack Is Bigger Than The Big Game

Buzzfeed has a whole list of 15 amazing snack stadiums, but most of them are a bit sloppy. On the other hand, this crazy stadium by Pillsbury takes the cake both on presentation, but also as far as the variety of snacks goes. Link Via Buzzfeed

Creative Ways To Tell The World You’re Having A Baby

Buzzfeed rounded up some cute and clever “expectancy” announcements that tell more in pictures than in words. There’s 23 of them, and it was hard to pick an example, but I was drawn to this math-based photograph. Go see the rest! Link

Ghost Photography of the 19th Century

The spiritualist movement rose at about the same time photography was invented. Therefore, it was no wonder that the earliest use of trick photography was to show evidence of spirits that one could communicate with -for a small fee. Buzzfeed has a collection of quite a few of these “spirit” pictures. Link

The Most Coveted Toys of the ’90s

Remember Moon Shoes, and how your mom wouldn’t buy them for you no matter how clean you kept your room or how heavy the hints, not even for Christmas? I’m projecting here. I never had Moon Shoes, but I really, really wanted them. (Thanks, Mom.)   Clearly I wasn’t the only kid longing for the ability [...]

‘Twilight’ Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment

If you aren’t familiar with Bad Lip Reading, now is a great time to get current. Movie clips and commercials are dubbed with whatever words seem tomatch the speakers’ mouths. And it’s brilliant. This time, BLR tackles Bella and Edward’s super-complicated romance, and as Buzzfeed rightfully notes, “it’s still a better love story than Twilight.” Link [...]

Things That Blew Your Mind When You Were A Kid

From The Doghouse Diaries, here’s a simple chart that shows things that blew your mind when you were a kid. Buzzfeed has the rest. What sort of things blew your mind when you were a [...]

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Why? Because, as organizer Wayne Morris says, Black Cats are frequently the last to be adopted and are often put to sleep. I came up with this idea in the hope that opinions could be changed and the Black Cat would be a welcome addition in everyone’s home! Black cats [...]

Ceiling Cat Goes to School

(YouTube link) It can be annoying when non-students drop in unannounced. This happened at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. -via Buzzfeed

In Parts of Europe, Ranch-Flavored Doritos Are Called “Cool American”

[Via BuzzFeed. See more unusual Doritos flavors and flavor names from around the world.]

Whatever Happened to the Magnificent Seven?

Whatever happened to the gold medal-winning 1996 US Gymnastics Team? If you were around then, you surely remember the dramatic moment when little Kerry Strug injured her ankle, yet managed a second vault to make sure the talented U.S. gymnastics team won a gold medal in Atlanta. Those young ladies are now in their 30s, [...]