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20 Incredible Migrating Monarch Butterfly Pictures

Each Monarch butterfly is beautiful, but when they swarm by the millions, it’s an amazing sight! Learn some facts about these amazing butterflies, and see wonderful photographs at Environmental Graffiti. Link (Image credit: Flickr user John Carrel)

Butterfly Measuring Cups

Butterfly Measuring Cups – $8.95 Spring is here and it’s time to come out of your cocoon and transform your kitchen into a baking wonderland. The Butterfly Measuring Cups from the NeatoShop are here to help. This colorful set of measuring cups includes: 1/4 cup 1/3 cup 1/2 cup And 1 cup Butterfly Measuring Spoons also available. Be sure to check out [...]

Follow the Butterflies

(YouTube link) Obviously recorded from some distance away, these otters are chasing a butterfly. I get the idea that they really aren’t trying to catch it, just keep it in their sights. And stay with the group. -via Arbroath

Neglected Eighty-Eight Butterfly

Photo: Joel Sartore National Geographic has a neat gallery of wonderful patterns in butterflies. This one is my favorite, the neglected eighty eight (or 89, depending on the butterfly) butterfly (Diaethria neglecta). Does anyone know the reason it’s called “neglected”? Previously on Neatorama: Joel Sartore’s RARE: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species

Butterfly Curves

Tom Beddard of subblue created this nifty little Flash application where you can draw your own mathematical butterfly: Taken from Clifford Pickover’s book, Computers and the Imagination, is this experiment that creates butterfly like curves. The formula is expressed in polar coordinates as: By changing the A, B, a, b and c parameters you can get some [...]

Nabokov’s Theory on Butterflies Vindicated

Vladimir Nabokov was the curator of butterflies at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. The lifelong butterfly researcher posed a theory of butterfly evolution in 1945. He said butterflies came to the New World in five waves of migration, through Asia across the Bering Strait into Alaska and then southward through North and [...]