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Baby’s First Butcher Shop

In Victorian times, a toy like this detailed butcher shop from 1840 wouldn’t be all that unusual. It’s just one of several such butcher shops, dollhouses, and other adult scenes that were common playthings for children whose families could afford them, featured at Collector’s Weekly. You’ll even see a detailed dollhouse dating back to 1673! [...]

Beef Bouquet

Antony Bowness, a butcher, knows that true love is (served) rare. That’s why he made a rose bouquet out of steak. Gentlemen, take note: this is how to be romantic. Link -via Gizmodo | Photo: Hungeree

80-year-old woman charged for feeding ducks

Claire Butcher faces a possible jail sentence for bringing food to her local park to feed the animals. Officials had previously warned the 80-year-old…