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Beast Bust

Beast Bust – $99.00 The holiday season is here. Are you still hunting for the perfect gift for your favorite Disney lover. Behold the Beast Bust from the NeatoShop. This highly detailed sculpture features Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Below him is the enchanted rose that is losing its petals.   Be sure to check out [...]

Donald Duck Bust Fireworks

Donald Duck Bust Fireworks – $64.95 Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Donald Duck fan? Oh boy, of boy, oh boy. You are going to love the Donald Duck Bust Fireworks from the NeatoShop. This collectible figurine features amazing hand-painted details.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Collectibles.  Link

Sculpture of H.P. Lovecraft with Tentacles

Lee Joyner’s bronze bust of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft is ready to slither off its base. It’s one of many sculptures he’s made of the Cthulhu mythos. Link | Artist’s Website

Sitting on Hercules

The thirteenth – and most difficult – labor of Hercules may just be supportin’ your bottom … Behold Soft Hercules, a stool featuring the bust of Hercules cast from foam rubber by Fashion Architecture Taste: Link [...]

The Personal Items 6 Famous Dictators Left Behind

The recent Libyan uprising has resulted in many serious consequences for Muammar Qaddafi — including the revelation of the various tchotchkes found stashed away in his private compound. There’s a lesson to be had here – if you have some sort of keepsake(s) that you’d rather the rest of the world not know about, then [...]

Superhero Bust Banks

Superhero Bust Banks – $15.95 Saving your pennies is hard work. Don’t trust your coins to just any piggy bank. You need a Superhero Bust Bank from the NeatoShop to protect your loose change. These banks mean business. The Superhero Bust Bank is available in: Spider-Man (shown) Wolverine The Hulk Iron Man and Captain America Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

Statue Removed from French Town for Being Too Well Endowed

The government of the French town of Neuville-en-Ferrain commissioned a statue of Marianne, a traditional symbol of the French Revolution. After protests by the mayor and other residents, the statue was removed for having a little too much up top: “It was making people gossip,” said one town hall employee. “Remarks were made, during weddings for [...]

NY Mob Bust: The Infographic

It was the biggest mob bust in New York history, but reporters covering the incident seemed to be more interested in the colorful wacky nicknames on the rap sheets. Many believed that these old-school Mafia empires were obsolete in the Facebook era, but clearly the criminal underworld has found away to co-exist with Silicon Alley. They’ve just had to learn [...]

Hellboy LEGO

Photo: misterzumbi Brishelf user misterzumbi, the creator of the awesome Predator LEGO bust we featured on Neatorama a couple of years ago, also made this awesome piece. Behold, the Hellboy LEGO bust. Now, if only he’d make the Good Samaritan …

Bacon Kevin Bacon Statue

Kevin Bacon sculpture made out of bacon J&D Foods, a US company specialising in bacon products, has commissioned an artist to create a life-sized bust of actor Kevin Bacon out of bacon.The piece — which took three months to make — is called Bacon Kevin Bacon and comprises of a Styrofoam core covered in dried [...]