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Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on Bottles

(YouTube link) This is for all those folks who says they would have learned to play music if they could afford an instrument. All you need is someone’s recycling bin and a little water. And may a couple of spoons. This busker was recorded playing Mozart on the streets of Copenhagen. -via Say OMG

The Piano Man

(YouTube link) Colin Huggins is a busker in New York City, but he plays the grand piano. That means he has to haul out a 650-pound baby grand to his spot in Washington Square Park. Once you hear him play, you’ll have to admit that a little electronic keyboard wouldn’t give the same experience. There are [...]

Do Little Half and Half Creamers Ever Go Bad?

So I’m up in Seattle this week, staying at a hotel some blocks from the original Starbucks (which, it turns out, isn’t REALLY the original, but rather the second location, which was situated better for marketing purposes, but who’s counting). So I bought some ground coffee, took it back to my hotel room and threw [...]