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5 Lessons A Business Degree From Bruce Wayne Could Teach You

Bruce Wayne is incredibly successful, as a millionaire businessman and an anonymous crime fighter in his spare time even without the benefit of super powers. Unreality magazine has some lessons in how to be a success, as demonstrated by Bruce Wayne in comics, TV, and the movies. For example: Bruce Wayne is incredibly focused on wearing [...]

Voynich Manuscript deciphered?

Self-described prophet of God believes he’s cracked the mysterious ‘code’ behind the Voynich Manuscript. Finnish businessman and self-proclaimed prop…

Man Crushed His Lamborghini Lemon

Got a lemon? Then you’d understand this Chinese businessman’s frustration when his Lamborghini Gallardo turned out to be a lemon. But when he couldn’t resolve his problems with the dealership (or even the company), the man didn’t suffer silently. No siree, here’s what he did (hint: it involved a few sledgehammers): Link