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Bridal Brokerage Buys and Resells Cancelled Weddings

The existence of this cunning business warms my Ferengi heart. Every year, thousands of weddings are cancelled, leaving reservations, flowers, catering and other arrangements left paid for but useless. Bridal Brokerage buys those wedding off the hands of splitting couples and resells them to people who want fancy weddings–but only at steep discounts. Link -via The [...]

Angry Birds Macarons

Show those pigs you mean business…by eating them! The Cookie Fairy did, and you can find his/her recipe at the link. Link (Google Translate) -via Tasteologie

Animatronic Hillbilly Band

Due to “changed business model,” the animatronic hillbilly band seen here is for sale. They move mechanically in synch with a music CD. You can see the band in action at YouTube. All four musicians can be yours for $5,000 at eBay. The fake porch is extra, pickup only. Link -via Metafilter

Breaking Bad as a Kickstarter Project

No, you can’t really donate to help Walter White start a “pharmaceutical business.” However, this mock-up from Slackstory might give you a laugh! Only a portion is shown here; see the rest at the site. Link -via The Daily What

Professional Snuggler Will Cuddle for Money

Jacqueline Samuel’s business, dubbed The Snuggery, is the best place to go for a good cuddle: Jackie started thinking about a business centered around cuddling at the start of grad school, and says she and her sisters even tried selling hugs on the street for $1 each, making up to $80 per day. And although she [...]

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress is Quite Charmin’

Photo: Business Wire Susan Brennan won the 8th Annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest with this beaut. Ain’t that Charmin’? Via Fark

Why Is the Mob Often Tied to the Garbage Industry?

I know I’m only about a decade late, but I recently, finally, watched the entire run of The Sopranos. Tony and his crew get their hands into plenty of different moneymaking schemes, but throughout the series one character or another (Tony, Richie Aprile, Ralph Cifaretto) is involved in solid waste management. What makes trash collection [...]

Man sells testicular implants for dogs

Gregg Miller has a unique business plan – he sells testicular implants to dogs that have been neutered. The idea might sound ridiculous, but the 59-ye…

Are Oral Agreements and Handshakes Legally Binding? The Shia LaBeouf Case Study

You can imagine a world, a long long time ago, when a person’s word was everything. Imagine, if you will, a world where every business owner knows every other business owner in town because there were only so many businesses, because there were only so many people. If I were a locksmith and agreed to [...]

The Hammock Cafe

At the Mahika Mano cafe in Tokyo, chairs are out and hammocks are in. This business hosts a showroom for a hammock retailer, so you sway a bit as you hold a hot cup of coffee. Link (Google Translate) -via DVICE