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Man Paid School Tuition with Mail-In Rebates

It sounded like a plot straight out of Seinfeld, but Jonathan Hood really did pay his school tuition with mail-in rebates. Most companies send rebates in the form of prepaid debit cards, while [...]

Law School Dropouts Who Became President

Who says a dropout can’t lead the nation? Though 25 of our former and current 44 Commanders in Chief were practicing lawyers at some point before taking office, some others just didn’t seal the deal, leaving law school before earning a degree. Business Insider has their stories, from Woodrow Wilson (shown here) to Harry S. [...]

The Apple Store Home Office

There are people who like Apple, then there are hardcore Apple fanboys, and then there is David Wu: Call me mad. Call me crazy. But I woke up one day around three months or more ago and decided to completely [...]

The 20 Most Popular People On The Internet

Who are the most popular people on the internet? Well, they are not popular just for being on the internet -it takes a presence in the real world. However, the internet can measure a celebrity’s popularity pretty well. And the most popular person, teen pop singer Justin Bieber, got his start on the internet. In the [...]

Where Are These Hippies Now?

You have probably seen this picture before, with the caption “Would you have invested in this company?” The people in this 1978 portrait were the early staff of Microsoft. You know Bill Gates in the bottom left corner, but what about all the others? Business Insider found out what happened to all the people in [...]

Ghost Cities of China

Photo: Michael Christopher Brown/TIME Magazine If you build it, they will come – or so the famous saying goes … but what if you build it in the middle of nowhere, Inner Mongolia? Michael Christopher Brown visited the famous ghost city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia for TIME Magazine: The Kangbashi district began as a public-works project in [...]