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Woman Breaks into Houses, Cleans Them, Then Leaves Invoices

Burglary? No, just really aggressive marketing. Police in Westlake, Ohio arrested her anyway: Police said the woman dubbed a real-life “cleaning fairy” broke into a house last week and a left a bill for the housework she did. According to police, the woman entered the Dover Center Road residence while homeowner Mallory Bush slept, did some [...]

The Bushman of San Francisco

(Video Link) David Johnson is a highly successful street performer ($60K per year) who hides behind a bush on busy sidewalks in San Francisco. When people walk by, he jumps out and surprises them. It works because they never suspect that a man is hiding behind that bush on the sidewalk. Link

Five Animals Who Like To Dress It Up And One Who Likes Being Naked

Most animals don’t like being dressed up in human clothes, but we love to make them do it anyway –after all, it is absolutely adorable. Of course, some animals love it. My own dog seems to get a little strut in his step when he wears one of his cute little tee shirts –he isn’t [...]

World record rose bush in Morristown

World record rose bush in Morristown Robert Bendel believes the rose bush he planted next to his Center Avenue home 15 years ago has record-setting potential. Bendel, 73, is assembling the documents required to certify that his rose bush is, in fact, officially the world’s tallest. According to Guinness World Records, the record for the tallest self-supported rose [...]