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An Unusual But Not Too Cruel Punishment

Have you ever been stuck behind a school bus, kids unloading, and gotten a little bit annoyed because you are in a hurry? You probably have. Did you get a creeping temptation to drive around the pedestrian children, avoiding them by driving onto the sidewalk? Didn’t think so. Shena Hardin got that feeling early and often. [...]

Tuesday Morning Bus Ride

Denise Campbell of Winnipeg, Manitoba, saw some odd behavior in a public bus driver, and thought it was worth passing on to the community online forum. The driver pulled over at a corner that had no bus stop and got out. The passengers, many of whom took the same bus every day, were puzzled. The [...]

The Sexiest Bus Ad You’ll See Today

With an ad like that, who doesn’t want to ride the bus? Danish public transportation agency Midttrafik commissioned this spot by agency M2Film to make riding the bus sexy and exciting again. Hit play or [...]

School Bus Yellow

"School Bus Yellow" is a color specifically designed for school buses because of its high visibility. In 1939, Columbia University professor Frank W. Cyr organized a conference to create school bus construction standards, including the [...]

Swingin’ Bus Stop

There’s no indication of where this bus stop is, but it’s a great idea for the entire world! Link -via Breakfast Links

The World’s Longest Bus Can Hold 256 People

You’d think that this whopper, at 98 feet long, would be hard to maneuver. But the drivers of this new bus in Dresden, Germany won’t need any extra training: Said to be as easily maneuverable as a commonly sized bus, the Autotram Extra Grand makes use of a computer system to aid its driver with turning. The [...]

This Big Red Bus Does Push Ups

Czech artist David Cerny has come up with a fun way for this big red double decker bus to stay in shape- he gave it arms so it can do push ups! The push up bus is going to serve as an ambassador of sorts for the Czech people, because it will be set up outside [...]

The Most Extravagant Bus Ever Built

Now, this is the way to tour a city! Straight out of a Flash Gordon-art-deco-future, this bus was designed by French coachbuilder Currus and built by Citroen for a Paris tour operator. It debuted in the city in 1950. But this is only the first of a collection of awesome bus designs that have graced [...]

Most Extravagant Bus Ever Built

“QUANTUM SHOT” #779 Link – article by Avi Abrams Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus: Parisian spaceship from the 1950s! When we are considering which bus design could be called “the strangest ever built in history”, then this hyperfuturistic double-decker bus certainly comes right on top. People at the time wondered if this [...]

Semi Vs. Bus at a Hairpin Turn

A semi and a bus found themselves at a hairpin turn in Trollstigen, Norway – what do you think will happen next? Find out after the jump: [YouTube Clip]